“I am the owner of an eight month old high-spirited Belgian Malinois and up until now my Malinois had been training me. Eran Shine was highly recommended to me by another Belgian Shepard owner – so I sought out his help. I was totally impressed with his expertise, sensitivity and his positive techniques – never making the dog submissive but achieving excellent results by positive reinforcement. In an hour and a half I was amazed at the remarkable difference in the behavior my dog exhibited. I can’t thank Eran enough and would highly recommend his training techniques and expertise to anyone who is serious about having help in training their dog.”

–Dan M. (Torrance, CA)

“Simply put, Eran is amazing! Before meeting him my German Shepherd was out of control, and my neighbors were scared of him. After the first session there was immediate progress. So much so that my neighbors could not believe that in one day my dog had changed so much.

As a young professional I did not have the time to wait for multiple sessions for results. In fact, I was very close to giving up my dog for adoption before meeting Eran. After only few sessions I now have an amazing bond with my dog and he amazes people at the dog park with his obedience even in the face of many distractions.

In an hour and a half I was amazed at the remarkable difference in the behavior my dog exhibited.

Eran’s methods are very effective and gentle. Not only is he amazing with animal behavior, he also has a lot of patience and dedication to make sure the pet owners understand what they are doing, and that they do it correctly.

Eran’s work speaks for itself. He is unlike other trainers who try to encourage you to take more sessions with them so they can make more money. He will prepare you at each session to be able to progress mostly on your own.

I recommend him for anybody any kind of dog, Eran is AMAZING!!!”

–Sherwin Sides (Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Eran – Thank you for your time and guidance yesterday – this morning I can definitely see changes in Cotto and will continue to follow your methods!–Luis (Lake Balboa, CA)
“I am happy to refer your services as much as possible because you are definitely worth your weight in gold.”–Michal Rogson (Los Angeles, CA)
“My name is Anat Engelberg. I am the Chief Operating Officer at the Uncle Moshe’s Dog hotel and kennel in Israel.Our kennel is the biggest most veteran and prestiges dog kennel in Israel. Our dog boarding was establish in 1977 by my father Moshe Engelberg, a dog trainer and an expert in dogs behavior.I have first met Eran when he came to our dog farm in 1984, when I was 12 years old. Today Eran is rare dog trainer. I have seen Eran working and training dogs, starting from zero with an extremely wild dog that is impossible to control, and with Eran, very quickly the dog is under control and enjoying to be calm.Eran’s method of training is the right and natural way for dogs to learn, this is why his results are unconditional and are there to stay.Eran has 30 years of experience combining with natural talent which allow him to connect between the dogs needs and their owner needs.In the last 20 years I have met many dog trainers and handlers, and if I need to recommend on a trainer, it would be only Eran Shine.”–Anat Engelberg (Israel)

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out with Tiki. A simple hour or 2 with you seems to make a world of difference for all of us.”–Grey Blavin (Los Angeles, CA)

“Eran, you are a genius in this field, I have no doubt that the dog owners would be thankful, and the dogs would finally be happy that someone understand them.”

–Merav Amon (Israel, former I.D.F. dog trainer)

“Mr.Shine, you truly have a gift with animals, and the work you have done with our German Shepard Zorra is absolutely remarkable! I distinctively remember the first time I met her, she was running all over the place, would snap and growl at random, and I could not pet or even show affection to her. Given the context of Zorra’s life, I knew that this setback would be understandable, however since your work with her, Zorra┬áis filled with love, a great guard dog for my mother, highly responsive and loving towards me, and our family is in your debt.”

–Simon Stravitz (California, student and previous animal shelter volunteer)